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A Well Needed Chair Makeover

3 Mar

I found two chairs at a thrift store that were quite ugly but in good working condition.  I decided to take a chance and see if I could make them pretty.

Here is a bit of the process:

I wrapped the cushion with fabric like I would wrap a birthday present.

The fabric looks good with the wood but the wood is a bit chipped in places.  I think I might spray paint them to make them look brand new.

If I decide to paint them I will for sure post some pictures.

Quite the difference huh?

Sweater Pants

1 Mar

Here is a picture of my pants on the shelf of the New York store Urban Alchemist. I just love updates on my pants!

Memory Shirt and Bear

19 Feb

At the end of January, Jared’s uncle Brian suddenly passed away.  I wanted to make something for Jared’s ten year old cousin out of his uncle Brian’s shirts.  They gave me two of his shirts.

I made the first shirt into an outfit for a little bear.  Brian was a huge Chicago cubs fan =)

The second shirt I made into a nightgown for her to sleep in at night.  I cut off the sleeves and finished them off and also took in the sides so it would fit her better.

I hope these items help her remember how much her dad loved her and when she gets sad she can give the bear a little hug.

Flower Girl Dress

15 Feb

My older sister, Courtney, was a flower girl for my Uncle Brad and Aunt Kathy’s wedding

and my little sister, Caroline, was a flower girl for my Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen’s wedding

We tried the dresses on the girls and thought it might be fun if they wear the dresses for Caroline’s upcoming wedding in June.

Sophi was in the one Courtney wore and Aleah was in the dress Caroline wore.

I will definitely have to make some major changes to Aleah’s dress because it is too big for her.

I am not certain if the girls will be wearing these dresses for the big day but they sure had fun feeling like little princesses.

Absolutely A-Line

10 Feb

I received the most lovely package the in the mail a couple weeks ago.  It was from a friend and follower of my blog.

She sent me some adorable flannel to make pajamas for the girls as well as a great book:

The book came with one easy pattern and in the book was a bunch of different ways to use the pattern.

I chose to make the dress that was featured on the front.  And I finally got to use some fabric I got during my Duluth birthday trip.

I love the frill on the bottom.

It is a bit big on her but I don’t want to make it smaller, it will just fit her eventually I guess.

Pink Skirt, Scarf and Headband

1 Feb

Sophi doesn’t get very many new homemade things because I make most of them for Aleah and in a year they will then be Sophi’s clothes when she grows into the and Aleah grows out of them.

The other day I actually made Sophi a brand new outfit.  Even Aleah was a little jealous.  And the best part about this was it took me about ten minutes.  The worst part, she wouldn’t stand still enough to let me take her picture.  Stinker.

She found the outfit to be better without the headband and with some goggles instead.  Where does she come up with this stuff?

(thank goodness for posts made ahead of time, heading to the visitation today and the funeral tomorrow, thank you all for the prayers- we really appreciate them during this time)

Sweater Pants Update

22 Jan

Here is an e-mail I received last week:


I never write to people I don’t know or really ever read blogs, but I bought a pair of your sweater pants at the urban alchemist and I checked out your website from the label and after reading through the history of the pants I thought you’d like to hear that they found a great home! My daughter loves them -so warm an cozy, and I have made another couple pairs thanks to your inspiration, so I just wanted to say thank you.

And she even sent a picture of her adorable daughter wearing the pants:

Isn’t it cool that a cute little kid in New York is wearing the sweater pants I made in little Cook, MN.

I am so glad she contacted me and allowed me to share the picture and the e-mail.


20 Jan

I think all the proper people have been notified so I can finally announce it myself!

My little sister, Caroline, is engaged to a great guy, Michael!   Sophi is a huge Michael fan and has learned his name before any of the other aunts or uncles.   We are all so excited about the upcoming wedding this spring.

Aleah and Sophi will be the flower girls and I am in charge of coming up with their dresses.  Yikes!

Okay, at least I am already thinking about this right?  I have about 5 months to come up with two flower girl dresses.  Here are a few of my favorites I have found on Pintrest:

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
SO in love! :)wow

laceso simply and perfect, favorite??

cute shoulderslove that the dresses are different!

flower girls in tutus plus grayTutu's for Flower Girls...

Any tips or votes?

Perhaps this one? =)

What I Have Learned

3 Jan

These are the clothes I made this year.  It is strange to think that if I had not made this resolution I would not have made these clothes:

I might not have made these other things either:

Aleah was born in the Twin Cities and we lived there for over three years after she was born.  I loved buying her clothes and then when Sophi was born I loved buying both of them clothes.  Girl clothes are ridiculously adorable.  I loooooved shopping for clothes for them.  The mall was ten minutes away and it was a great place to take the girls on cold winter days.  I loved going to thrift stores and scowering the shelves for quality clothes for my kiddos.  It was fun having them match.  It was fun finding deals at stores.

I honestly did not thing I could make it a whole year but thought it would be good for me to cut back for a while at least.

This year has taught me to be inventive and use what is around me to make things happen.  My resolution has taught me that I do not need to run out to the store to fulfill what I am lacking.

I wonder how much money I saved this year.

All in all it has been a hard but educational and innovative year for me.  I will let you know when I make the big FIRST purchase but until then, thanks for your encouragement to me this year.  Couldn’t have done it without you =)

Christmas from Aleah

12 Dec

Aleah has been hard at work making people Christmas presents.  I cannot tell you what it is because then you would not be surprised.  And that is half the fun of Christmas morning, in my humble opinion.

She did all the cutting for this gift.

She is so intense when she is working on a project.

Hope you are surprised and one of the lucky ones chosen to be a recipient of one of these.