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Christmas Stockings

10 Dec

As an early Christmas gift my mom sent these our way in the mail.  The stockings are gorgeous and they were made from old, and quite ugly, women’s suits.

It is amazing what potential masterpieces can come right out of your local thrift store for a low price and some hard work.  We love them, thanks mom!

These stockings have made our living room very beautiful and Christmasy.

She also made some for my older sister and her husband:

And some for my little sister (the finished stocking has a diamond ring on hers) and her fiance:

Sweater Dress

4 Dec

Here’s a sweater dress I made for Sophi.  I had already made sweater pants out of the sleeves and sent them off to New York.  Saw this picture of one of my friends little girls and wanted to try and make it.

I made the hood smaller to fit on her little head

Sweater Quilt

1 Dec

Since I had quite a plethera of sweaters laying around, I made a sweater quilt.  This is the most cozy thing I have ever made and I loooove how it feels when I am sitting underneath my huge Christmas tree with my it on my lap.

I used my serger to put all the pieces together.  I was thinking that I would put a back on it but changed my mind after realizing how nice all the sweaters felt.  I didn’t want to cover up all of those pretty sweaters or their nice feel.

~the first quilt I ever made~

p.s.  my computer has too many photos on it and is very angry at me.  I need to deal with this before I add any more pictures, arg.  These are the only pictures I have of my sweater quilt at the moment, but I promise to have a tutorial and some better pictures up when I get my data overload under control.  Oops.

Doggie Scarf

28 Nov

Some friends from college, J and E, came up to visit us a while ago.  They brought with them their well-behaved and quite precious Bernese Mountain dog.  Her name is Olive and the girls fell in love with her.  She is a huge dog weighing about 75 pounds and is still a puppy. Since she is so large people always think she is a boy dog.

To wipe away any confusion and to make her a bit more feminine- I showed E how to sew Olive a scarf.  I don’t think E had ever sewed before but was a natural and sewed her dog a scarf that fit perfectly.  It took about 5 minutes but looked really incredible on her.

By the end of the weekend Sophia was calling J, mommy- she loved Olive and sure liked J too!

An easy couple minute sewing activity to spruce up your favorite dog.

Sweater Overalls

22 Nov

I have been making A LOT of sweater pants lately and needed to switch things up a tiny bit.

I made some sweater overalls.

The one problem with these pants is they were made with a wool sweater.  It would have been great if we were going outside to play for a while.  But Aleah thought the pair was way too itchy.  Sorry babe.

18 more

17 Nov

I sent off 18 more pairs of sweater pants to New York.  Now there are 30 pairs of my sweater pants out east.  Wow.

This is Jared mailing them off for me:

I am a bit sick of sweaters for the time being.  I never want sewing to become a boring sweat shop so I will be making other things for a while.

the tiniest pair I've made

Beautiful Birthday Fabric

15 Nov

I love this fabric.  It is some of the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen.

Last Saturday was my birthday, so Jared and I headed down to the BIG =) city of Duluth.  We met up my great childhood friend, Tonia and her husband Mike, we had a fabulous night.

She told me about a fabric store that I had to check out and I found this fabric while slowly browsing though their wonderful selection.  Tonia even gave me a gift card, isn’t she the best?

This was an easy dress to make and very comfy too.  And if (I mean when) she spills something on it- the mess will blend right in with the fun pattern.

I love this fabric and now I want Aleah to wear this dress everyday just so I can look at it.

Owl Friend

13 Nov

I saw this owl in a kids pottery barn catalogue.  I like to sign up for a few free magazines.  When they come to my house I scour the pages looking for cute new ideas and some inspiration.  I found the idea for this owl pillow in one such magazine.

After I finished the outside of my owl I put him on a table and whenever someone had some scraps they put them inside, by the end of the first day my owl was completely filled!

Isn’t he adorable?

A big hit with the gals.


8 Nov

Aleah is now in a gymnastics class.  She loves going and it is a great outlet for her energy overload.  After her second class, Aleah looked around at the other girls in their pretty leotards and flowing skirts and then down at her shorts and t-shirt.  And politely asked, “mommy, can I have one of those?”

At the sewing weekend, as I was busy making other things, my mom made Aleah a leotard and a flowing skirt.  I brought Aleah’s swimsuit so she would have something to go off of and it turned out great.  Thanks mom!

I didn’t know how proud I could be of Aleah, but when I see her jumping around on the trampoline or doing somersaults or hanging off the bars I am smiling from ear to ear and can’t take my eyes off her.

Happy Hunting

6 Nov

Yesterday was deer hunting season opener.  Since we live in the woods, like to take long walks and don’t want to get shot by a hunter- I made this vest for Jared and me and I made blaze orange hats for the girls.

We were awakened the morning of November 5th at 6 am, to the roar of about 4 or 5 four wheelers.  Sleepy hunters on their way out to deer stands with high hopes of a trophy deer.

After a play date at the park, the girls and I were driving home and saw a happy hunter.  He was on his four wheeler pulling an eight point buck in a trailer.

Yesterday evening we went and visited Jared’s aunt and uncle and got to see his cousin’s eight point buck.  Nice work Ian!

Happy Hunting out there everyone, be safe please.  =)