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New York City!!!

4 Nov

A woman named Imaan Selim saw my sweater pants on my etsy store and she liked them.  She happens to have a store in New York City called Urban Alchemist. Check it out here.


Holy crapola I am excited about this.  I want to go down to her store right now and visit my pants =)  I have my pants in a store in New York City!  Someone pinch me or something.  Okay, excitement overload perhaps but I am so honored that this lovely woman wants to sell my sweater pants in her store.

Here are some reviews of the site.

Her store is in the North Slope in Brooklyn:

Go and visit if you are in the area!

These are the kind of pants that will be for sale:

I hope I can get her to send me a picture of them actually in the store.  I sent off 12 pairs on Wednesday and made 5 more last night.


2 Nov

For Halloween, Aleah was Rapunzel from the new movie Tangled.

She didn’t much like the wig but she humored me for a few pictures.

Sophia was a clown and she actually liked wearing her wig.


30 Oct

My mom has had a serger for about ten or so years now.  My dad gave it to her for a birthday or Christmas or perhaps the sales person said the right thing. However it happened, my dad got it for my mom.

We used it a bit when I was younger to make fleece hats and a few other things.  Since then it has basically sat in my parents basement collecting some dust.  My mom brought it to the sewing weekend and our good friend Cathy got it up and running again.  This was no easy task since I guess it is darn near impossible to thread.  A serger is an incredible machine because it finishes off a seam after it trims off the extra fabric.  It looks like it could have come from a store.

This is me making some sweater pants and using it for the first time:

Some serious concentration.

And for now I have the serger in my posession. Yay!  Thanks mom!

Make A Pouf

27 Oct

The hit of the sewing weekend was a pouf.

We all agreed that it was a great project because it was not a lot of work and the result was a huge piece of furniture!

Click here for directions on how to make a pouf.

I placed my unstuffed pouf over Tonia’s finished pouf to see how it would look.

I think we made a total of seven poufs, wish I had a picture of them all stuffed and sitting next to one another.

Sewing Weekend

24 Oct

I was away this weekend at great sewing event that has been happening for about five years now. My mom, my great friend and her mom, my friends aunt and another family friend from forever ago were all together in a cabin in the middle of the woods with our sewing machine to keep us busy.

This may have been the most productive weekend we have ever had.  We all came back with our cars a little fuller.  The best thing about sewing around friends is not only the good company but the ideas and help that is shared.  One step that might stump you for weeks on a project is taken care of instantly around some talented friends. I learned a ton this weekend and I am excited to share my ideas with you.  But for now here are a few pictures of the weekend.

 Thanks to my amazing friend, there are actually pictures of me doing some projects!

Cutting out a project

Hand sewing the border around a beautiful quilt, what great teamwork =)

Making a Yo-Yo

Thinking Ahead

26 Sep

I have made it eight months of making all my girls clothes.

And now I must be thinking ahead since I will be making two Halloween Costumes.  These are my thoughts thus far:

Ideas for Aleah:

Ideas for Sophi:

Our whole family could dress up like the incredibles!

Any other good ideas out there?  I am definitely open to your brilliant thoughts!

A Wedding Weekend

3 Sep

We went to a wedding yesterday and I think it might be one of the last weddings of our good college friends.  There are a few others but the days of going to a wedding every weekend of the summer are over.

I have made it eight months without buying the girls any clothes.  Whew.  This has been a fun and rewarding challenge for myself but it has also been very inconvenient at times.  Aleah did not have a nice enough dress that fit her for the wedding so I had to make her one.

No one has been sleeping that well around our house for the past week because Aleah got a really bad cough from some neighbor kids.  The kind where you wake up at night because you are coughing.  And if she is waking up then either Jared or I are waking up as well.  Fortunately Sophi has not gotten the cough and I didn’t have to make Sophi’s dress.

Needless to say sewing a dress was not on the top of my priority list but I scrambled a bit and this is what I came up with.

I used an old bridesmaid dress, took in the sides and added adjustable straps as well as trimmed the bottom.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Lots and Lots of Sweater Pants

28 Aug

Sometimes I am more in the mood to blog and play around on the computer.  Right now though I am in full blown craft and make stuff mode.  This doesn’t happen very often and I have to capitalize whenever I am feeling majorly productive.  This is what I have been up to lately:

21 pairs of sweater pants.  Unfortunately, most of them still need elastic. Darn it

There is a craft show in the twin cities that is called the No Coast Craft-O-Rama, they claim to be “not your grandma’s usual craft show.”  In the past years there have been thousands of people who pass through the craft show and I would love to be able to sell some of my stuff there.  The only problem is there are about 300 people who apply for only 90 spots.  I have sent in 10 pictures of my work and by the end of September I will know if I have been chosen.  I’ve got to keep my fingers crossed and keep working until then.  I have decided that if I am not chosen as one of the vendors I will start an etsy store.  Yikes.

So this is what I have been up to, what have you been up to?

T-Shirt Dress

25 Aug

I have SOOOOOOO many T-shirts.  Who doesn’t, right?

I have been experimenting with some of them.  Working with T-Shirts is a wonderful experience, mostly because you do not have to worry about them fraying.  I made the girls these dresses:

Sophia started out pretty clean but ended the day looking like this.  After eating about 6 or 7 watermelon slices she was a bit sticky.

This was our first young family event and we had around 80 people attend!  Here is our team photo:

A Dress and a Rainstorm

22 Aug

Every once in a while it is nice to have a break from the heat and have a good excuse to go inside without feeling guilty.  The other day we had a break from the sunshine for a storm.

During nap time instead of  being unproductive or taking a nap myself I decided to head down to the sewing zone.  I made Aleah this dress out of a shirt I bought at a Colorado garage sale earlier this summer.  I bought it for a whopping 25 cents.

All I did was take in the front of the dress and shorten up the straps.

After a good storm the sunshine is always welcome and we return outside with more appreciation for the beautiful weather.