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16 Oct

I have an etsy store!!!

Come and visit me and buy all 11 of my beautiful items =)

I am so glad that I finally have this online store up and running.  It is long overdue and now when I make things I can easily add them to etsy.

Mostly sweater pants are for sale right now but I hope to have some jewelry wallets and necklaces up there in the next couple days.

I suppose I could take special order requests if you want.

Keep checking in for new things you can buy for Christmas presents.

I am pretty pumped about this, if you haven’t noticed.  Yay!

Visit Me!

Pillowcase Pants

5 Oct

Time for a craft!

I made Aleah a pair of pillowcase pants.

They are soft and the best part about them is I didn’t have to hem the bottom since I used the finished seam of the pillowcase.

And of course the pants needed a pocket for small pals or perhaps a snack.

My first sewing project in my new house!

Move # 2, Take A Look!

28 Sep

We have moved out of our previous house and are now in a huge four bedroom house on Lake Vermillion.

It has been a tiring and exhausting few days of packing and unpacking, moving and hauling, not sleeping, wrestling children and cleaning.  But it has definitely been worth all the work.  For eight glorious months we get to stay in this house that is rented out to vacationers during the summer months and now rented to us until next May.  Here are a few pictures for you to see:

Not many people get to wake up to a view like this one:

Aleah and Sophi’s favorite part about our new spot:

There are many great things about this house, mainly- We don’t have to eat in the living room, you will not have to sleep on the couch if you come to visit and you will even have your own bathroom.  I will have my own bathroom when you are visiting.  And you will have a GORGEOUS view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota.

We are so happy and blessed to be able to live in this remarkable place for eight months.  In the spring we will have to move out of this house because it is rented during the summer to rich people with gobbs of money.  We will then move into the parsonage.  Until then, we will be soaking up every minute.

A Little Skirt

31 Aug

This skirt took me about ten minutes to make and is so darn stinking cute on Sophi that I could just about scream.

Headboard Bench

19 Aug

I first saw this idea on a website called pintrest.  This website has beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas.  This is the picture I started with.

Since the minute I saw this picture I have been hunting for a wooden headboard with which to make a bench.  I have seen some new headboards and some  for more money than I would like to spend.  So I kept patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting.

Last Saturday we took a family trip to the dump.  Fun right?

At the dump we dropped off our garbage and our recyclables.  As we were driving out I spotted what I had been waiting for!

There is a green shed off to the side of the dump where people can bring things they don’t want anymore but is still nice enough that someone else might want it.  I saw a beautiful headboard and footboard for a twin bed.  At first we thought we might not be able to use it because it was fairly small.  The picture in my head was to use a queen size headboard to make a bench large enough for adults.  But Jared had the genius idea to make a bench for the girls!

He worked on it one afternoon in the garage.  His work bench was an old boat trailer left in the garage and he borrowed the saw from a good friend.

The girls were in and out always checking on him and wanting to help.

Since the bench still needed a little something, I made a cushion to go on top.

Right now it is sitting on our front porch and is a great place to sit and watch the world go by.