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Baby Food Pouches

22 May


I love the baby food pouches. And have found  way to make my own for a fraction of the price.


They are wonderful because babies are good at sucking.  They suck at sleeping through the night (haha, get it) and they also suck since they nurse or take milk from a bottle.  Haven has been eating solids for almost a month now and she is pretty good at holding on to the pouches and sucking the fruits and veggies out at her leisure.

Unfortunately these pouches are pretty spendy, especially since they contain about 3 ounces and cost over $1 each.

When Hudson was a baby we used a combination of store-bought pouches, food put in icetrays as well as pouches you can fill up on the spot.  These are all okay options but the icetray food was a pain to defrost (microwave etc) and the pouches you fill up on the spot were a challenge too since many times we didn’t have time to fill with the appropriate baby food.  Who has freshly made sweet potaotes constantly laying around.  Yeah, me neither.

Fortunately, fourth kids the charm and we have found the PERFECT baby feeding pouch option!  Hooray.  Infantino pouches to the rescue.  I spent an hour or so making pouches about a month ago and still have plenty waiting for Haven’s dining pleasure in the future.

I bought 4 organic mangoes and pureed them in my blender.  The 4 mangoes made 15 pouches.  So each pouch cost me less than 27 cents.  And I know they are safe, and homemade and the pouch is filled with mango and nothing else.

I made these while Haven was asleep (she is cute even through the monitor):

IMG_5004I have also made pouches filled with sweet potatoes, avocado and pear.  They are very easy to thaw.  I either put them in a bowl of warm water or take a few out in the morning for her daily meals.

I have a drawer in the freezer filled with these awesome pouches: