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Cards For Sale!!!

21 May

I have been wanting to open an etsy store for approximately 5,298 days.  Yup.  But following through on these projects is a bit tricky.  Since it is easier to simply plop down on the couch after a full kid chasing day- I have not followed through on this endeavor….until last night!!!

That is right folks- head on over to my etsy store so you can have beautifully handcrafted cards made by yours truly.

You know you need some cards and why not make me filthy rich while fulfilling your card needs.  =)

Here are some of my beauts for your viewing pleasure:

unnamed-12 unnamed-17 unnamed-13

Thank you kindly, love you all.

Head over and like my store, cause that would be pretty nice of you.

Block Printing

8 Apr

One thing that I absolutely love to do is block print.  For some reason I love thinking about what will be black and white.  When I carve out a certain area I love that the simple cuts I make will ultimately form a bigger picture.

Anyways, I love making these and it has a relaxing and calming effect on me.  Here are some sites of my favorite block printers, they make books and have mad skills. Betsy Bowen and Stephen Alcorn

Here are a few I have been working on:

DSC_5758 DSC_5760 DSC_5761 DSC_5762 DSC_5763 DSC_5764 DSC_5766 DSC_5772

Happy Printing!