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Old Chair Transformation

17 Nov

I found this deplorable chair at the thrifty store last week and have since un-uglied it.

Here is the chair in its original and yeesh state:


Yes, very out of date and not a nice chair to loot at.

But now feast your eyes on this beaut!



I bought this fabric at my favorite fabric place in the world.  I could honestly stand in that cute little store and look at all the eye candy fabric surrounding me for hours.  I went there with my little sis and I think she had to physically pull me out of there.  The fabric store is called Hannah Johnson Fabrics and it is located in Duluth, MN.  Please go there if you need to be happy, because it is such a pretty and happy place.  I am pleading with the owner to perhaps be a part of a giveaway sometime in the future, how cool would that be?


I love older chairs like this because they are easy to recover and they fit me.  I love that my feet are planted comfortably on the ground, not like the new chairs that seem to swallow me up.

15 % off Coupon from Jo-Ann Fabrics!

1 May

I have agreed to participate in the spring catalog promotion with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  According to the mass e-mail I received- “You’ve not only inspired your own readers, but crafters from all over to discover their love of crafting!”  Okie dokie then cool.

I chose one craft from a list of 71 ideas and then I will make it and do a blog post review of the craft.

For doing this I get a $25 gift card for supplies, woohoo!

Here is the kicker, you guys get a 15% off total purchase from Thursday, May 2 through Saturday, May 4 and here is the link.


The craft I decided to try is called the jungle window box.


Sometimes it pays to have a blog =) and glad I get to share the love