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Trout Lake Camp

31 Oct

In the middle of October, Jared and I along with several other youth leaders headed out with a bunch of senior high schoolers to Trout Lake Camp.  Aleah, Sophie and Hudson went to their friend’s house of choice while we left for the weekend.

Weekend retreats are an amazing way to connect and form relationships in ways that would not happen throughout the course of an entire year.  Sleep deprivation, slime fights and football tournaments all have a way of bonding.

Here are some pictures of the slime fight:

After the slime fight, everyone took a plunge in the lake to de-slime themselves.  We have a hearty youth group since many kids took multiple dives into the freezing cold October waters:


The zipline was another bonding experience- many had to overcome their fear of heights to enjoy this adventure:

I do believe we have been the champions for three years in a row now.  Thankfully most of the football team comes on this retreat =)

Love these kids and am thankful we get to escape to this place a few times each year