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21 Oct

Yeah, I have been blog slacking.

When it comes down to getting my laundry done, going to bed sorta early or playing Uno with the kids I have chose the former instead of blogging.  My apologies to you poor people who check in every day only to see the same lame picture of bread for the past two weeks.  Sorry!  =)

Back to the exciting egg news-

WE HAVE EGGS!!!!  The three older chickens are heading out of their molting time (evidently hens don’t lay when they are molting- this is a learning experience) and the young seven are mature enough to start producing.   As the snow started to fly, Jared and the girls headed out to check on the chickens.

DSC_6784 DSC_6786 DSC_6788

It is a pretty incredible feeling to head out to your yard and then return a few minutes later with a handful of eggs for your breakfast.  Jared and I only got a few bites since the girlies were demanding more and more deliciousness.  Hopefully soon we will have too many eggs to handle.  What a wonderful problem to have!

DSC_6790 DSC_6792

The two eggs on the bottom of the picture are from our young hens and the big one on top is from an older hen.

DSC_6793 DSC_6797 DSC_6798

Thanks for breakfast!