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Fishing with the Fam

21 May

Gotta love Minnesota springs.  When it stops snowing and sleeting and the weather stops freaking out every two seconds- you get out and soak up the sun.

We spend pretty much every waking second outside because we know that lovely starving mosquito season is right around the corner.  The season where every mosquito arrives and needs to feast off your flesh and you consider walking around in a bug net or perhaps becoming a hermit for just a tiny while.

So, yes- we went fishing.  I love lakes and I love boats.  I grew up on a lake and never fully appreciated it until I moved off a lake.  Lake are wonderful.  I am thankful we live in the land of 10,000 of them and all the city folks head up to our neck of the woods to spend their vacation and their hard earned money.  How blessed are we that we get to live where people vacation…yeah, yeah, yeah they don’t deal with the winters…

Anyways, here are some pics of our latest Lake Vermilion adventure-

Hope you have some lakes near you, head out soon before the bugs find you!

Hudson had his water wing lifejacket on underneath his coat, making it look like he had huge muscles- so naturally we all had to show off our giant muscles too!