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Nap Mat

22 Sep

The preschoolers take a nap each day after lunch.  The requirements for the mat for them to sleep on was that it had to be able to fit into a 2 gallon ziplock bag.  Yeah, I definitely did not follow that rule, but goll darn Aleah is going to have a comfy place to take her naps at school.

Aleah’s mat sitting in school

I searched online for what a nap mat should look like and this is what I came across:

this cost $20 and I’ll give you another $20 if you think a kid could get a good rest on this sucker

I found this at target’s website and it was more of what I was thinking but it was $45!  That is crazy!

So I decided to make one for Aleah myself.  I made it in one afternoon nap time and then after bed time for a few hours.

My grandma made me a beautiful blanket a few years ago. It is VERY thick so not that great for laying on laps but perfect for the padding of a nap mat! (don’t worry she won’t mind its new purpose)

I tied together the blanket with some yarn so it wouldn’t bunch up weird

The blanket it two sheets thick for her body and four thick for her head

(I suppose I could tidy up my sewing room a bit)

Roxy thought I made her a new kitty bed.  Sorry cat.  This one is for Aleah, but thanks for trying it out!

Sweet Kitty

Even Sophers had to try out the comfy flannel spot.

The whole family survived the first week of school.  And I think it made it a tiny bit easier to send her to school knowing she had a cozy place to rest during her afternoons away from me.