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Day on the Hill

31 Mar


We get out to snowboard or ski around the midwest but it is not until you head West that you realize what it really can be like.  Snowboarding out west means that you spend more time heading down the mountain than sitting on the chair lift.  It means there are breathtaking views around every corner.  It means that there will be powder somewhere that no one has yet found.  It means tickets prices are more affordable while still offering about ten times more runs.  After a few hours of boarding in the mountains Jared and I looked at each other and said, shoot, we can’t go back!

We were at Loveland Pass and you can see Keystone and Breckenridge in the background:

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This is Sophi while she was in Ski school, yup I know, probably the cutest thing ever.

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Jared’s mom, Mary, endured the lodge with stinker 20 minute nap Hudson.  She is my super hero.  Thank you Mary for taking such wonderful care of Hudson so we could have the snowboarding experience of our life.

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Round Three

21 Dec


It is true, we are happy to announce that the third Bangs child is on his/her way!


Baby Bangs will be arriving sometime late April or early May!  Aleah’s due date was July 2nd, she was born on June 25th and Sophi’s due date was April 1st (April Fools Day) and she was born on March 28th.  My due date this time around is May 10th so I am assuming beginning of May some time but you never can figure these things out =)


Aleah and Sophi are ecstatic with excitement.  Aleah has been praying and asking for a baby sister or brother for about a year now.  When we told her she was going to be a big sister again, I thought she was going to smile her face right off.  She is going to be a HUGE help when the baby arrives.  She has even been sleeping with a little rattle under her pillow so she will be ready to give it to the baby and it won’t get lost.


Sophi will be a big sister and perhaps be graduated from her baby monster role into something a bit different.

Can’t wait to meet the next little Bangs to grace our life.  I already love this little kid so much and we are happy to share this news with all of you!